The Foundation operates under the name United Bikers Against Abuse  Europe (U.B.A.A.)

Our goal is to help as motorcyclists, sexually abused and molested children  with our unlimited friendship.
In order to try to restore the confidence of these children.
So they have no fear of the world in which they live and they can see their future with confidence.
Each volunteer has a certificate of good conduct (V.O.G.) and getting regular exercise.
A volunteer can not simply accompany children. Everyone is first time as a supporter.
In order to know the people and learn what support united bikers job actually entails.
On the other hand looks Bikers United Against Abuse Europe in that year or the volunteer dealing with these children can handle.
Volunteers perform important tasks. They help at fairs, festivals and fairs where U.B.A.A. a stall condition.
They actively support rides for children and awareness events.
Also on special days for children that are organized volunteers are of great importance.
Obviously they appear on each monthly meeting of their chapter to be briefed there, give their opinion and of course to be trained.
A supporter am never asked to do anything that a member has not done himself.
United Bikers Against Abuse Europe works with existing organizations that help children and protect.
With more than 110 000 cases of child abuse each year in the Netherlands alone,
the Bikers for Bikers United Against Abuse Europe in many instances an excellent addition to the existing assistance.
Also with the support of children who have suffered from sexual abuse,
The bikers can help with regaining confidence.


No child should live in fear of the world in which they grow up. 
United Bikers Against Abuse Europe give help and support wherever possible.


Need help? Or a question? Volunteer? Mail us! info@ubaa.eu


                                     OUR PROMISE


Where others have stopped, we took the control in our own hands.
We found our life on the road.
Our existence has a clear purpose.
Riding in the wind, live as we wish.
We have voluntarily resigned, and our hearts are no longer abandoned.
We ride motorcycles because we enjoy it to feel the elements of nature.
Our engine is not a toy or status symbol. It is a part of ourselves.
Our engine will still be there when he called us. This makes it an inheritance.
We do not need to feel better than others.
We are patient and follow our inner voice.
We ride with a group of friends who share their thoughts and lives because freedom sends them.
Slander, gossip and lie we can not. We are part of a unit that knows no borders.
We decided to help abused and maltreated children as Biker.
Because the friendship, trust my Brothers and the unlimited freedom,
we know in our lives has made a better man of us.
We want to transfer to damaged children.
So they can grow up with the confidence that somewhere is always a place for them will be.
They can always fall back on their Biker Friends and agree adversity.
We are judged by our actions, not our clothes. Steel, chrome, leather patches and only appearance.
Our heart knows the unbreakable promise of freedom.
Knowing that we can help send our lives.
We are doers, not talkers. We buy help where it is needed not by throwing money in a collection box but help themselves whenever possible As part of creation, we have the right to be there.
When it's time for the long journey, we will be welcome addition to our Creator.
He will know us by our actions, and once again let us ride along His inscrutable ways.